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*For those who have a full length play or musical and want to produce it as a workshop or showcase, Emerging Artists can help present their work in our New Work Series for 3 performances a week for 3 weeks during the New Work Series Producers pay $1500(tax deductible donation) per week to the New Work Series and get a 70-30 box office split. EAT provides technical crew (SM and ASM), 99 seat professional theatre, house management, box office, ticketing service, voluntary accident insurance, and free limited rehearsal space subject to availability.

New Work Series > Terms & Conditions


  1. PART ONE: Read this page thoroughly and agree to the terms and conditions
  2. PART TWO: Fill out the online application form. You will be asked to provide information on the following:
    • How you heard about Emerging Artists Theatre's New Work Series
    • Why you think your show would be a good fit
    • Show title, running time, and production history
    • Show marketing blurb (one sentence) and summary (less than 500 words)
    • Contact information and professional bio(s)
  3. Hit SUBMIT to submit your application


If you are accepted into the New Work Series, there will be an information session/meet-and-greet on a date to be determined. There will be snacks.


The following must be read and accepted in order to apply to the New Work Series:


Each production is responsible for casting, director, musicians or recorded music. Please include collaborator information with submission, if available. The New Work Series is a work in progress presentation. EAT can make introductions to EAT directors, actors, and other artists if you are seeking personnel to work on your presentation. EAT cannot guarantee that its company personnel will accept work offered.


EAT provides a professional board operator and stage manager for the entire festival who are fantastic! Only EAT technical staff will be allowed to operate equipment in the booth. If your show has specific needs and questions your curator and our staff will be happy to help as best as we can.

Each production must bring two clean copies of UP-TO-DATE final scripts to tech. Be prepared to have a list of moments for light and sound cues to communicate to our technical staff or you may use sticky notes on your script.


Each show will receive ONE performance during the festival. There will be 30 minutes OR LESS on either side of your production to load in and out of the theatre and dressing rooms. You must provide labor to accomplish your load-in and load-out. If your piece is less than 60 minutes, you will be sharing a timeslot with another piece.


EAT will provide the artists with minimal furniture (chairs, cubes, piano, etc). All other props and set pieces are the responsibility of the individual productions. There is no storage space available at the theatre. The set for the festival will be a simple blank stage. In the New Work Series, less is more in terms of props and set, and please keep in mind the short changeover time while preparing for your piece.


A basic light plot will be provided for the entire festival. A maximum of FIVE internal light and sound cues for each show is allowed. This does not include the opening and closing cues. Any special requirements must be provided and operated by the individual shows. EAT cannot guarantee the availability of lighting specials in all areas of the stage, as we will be working with a rep plot with limited options. Each production must provide its own sound cues, in order, on CD.


There will be a brief audience feedback session after each performance, curated by some of EAT's seasoned curators, writers, and performers. This is a great opportunity to get honest feedback on your work. You may prepare questions to ask the audience.


Notifications of participation will be sent out on a rolling basis, and any materials submitted with the application by mail will not be returned. Previous participation in the festival does not guarantee acceptance.


I have read and understand all of the technical, audience, casting, and performance requirements listed above. I understand that upon acceptance, all deadlines must be adhered to in order to secure participation in the festival. I promise to relay technical and performance requirements to my artistic team.

I agree to these terms & conditions

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